#1 Easiest Converged CRM for SMB

ConvergeHub is the #1 Easiest Converged CRM for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Picture9-300x172ConvergeHub is a leader in the SMB CRM software market and recipient of multiple awards including 2014 CRM idol semi-finalist and 2015 winner small business influencer awards. ConvergeHub CRM was designed to be the #1 easiest to use CRM software in the market. With multiple benchmarks such as Minimal mouse clicks, Quick Create, Mass Actions and Context Sensitive Help and Live-In-App Support, it is the undisputed most intuitive and easiest to use CRM software. These features greatly decreases the time required to implement the software and increases employee productivity.

Picture8-300x201Full Featured CRM

ConvergeHub CRM software has all features of the most popular CRMS–plus more. In addition, the features are optimized for small to medium businesses that have the same needs as the large corporations–but don’t have massive budgets to integrate or pay for expensive add-ons.

Sales Force Automation

Nurture your leads, view their contacts, activity history, communication, closely manage your deals and win more sales.

Marketing Automation

Broadcast your marketing messages through multiple channels such as email, SMS, twitter. Attract more prospects and generate more leads for your sales team.

Customer Service Case Management

Track and quickly respond to all customer issues and questions. Helps you provide better Customer Service and create happy customer relationships.

Customer Service Case Management

Track and quickly respond to all customer issues and questions. Helps you provide better Customer Service and create happy customer relationships.


Document Management and Collaboration

Store all your files and documents and share them with internal team members or external partners. Keep track of all Customers’ documents in one place.

Partner Management

Use ConvergeHub CRM to track Partners and receive referrals from them, or refer deals to partners for fulfillment. Work closely with your Partners to generate more leads or fulfill more deals.

Project Management

Use ConvergeHub CRM software to manage projects, milestones, tasks and resources. Deliver Projects on time and within budget.

Invoicing and Payments

Create invoices for products and services and track payments received. Get paid on time and manage your cash flow.

Reports and Dashboards

Generate custom Reports and Dashboards to view data of all departments. Know how the company and various departments are performing.

Create custom fields, tabs, page layout, templates, workflow rules, sales process.

Quickly adapt ConvergeHub to suit your business and the way you work. IT knowledge not required.

3rd party integrations

Integrate with Docusign, QuickBooks, Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Gotomeeting, Fax, Click to Call, and more. Includes all the major CRM features integrated–but also allows you to integrate with best-of-class applications to avoid double entry.

Picture2-150x150Converged CRM

All ConvergeHub CRM software features are built-in, work together flawlessly, and you have a uniform look and feel.

ConvergeHub SMB CRM

Unified Platform

All features were developed on same platform with a common architecture.


No double entry

All modules use the same database, which means you only have to enter or update your data once.

360 degree customer view

See all your customer information in one place.

Customizable Modules

All modules can be customized to reflect your unique business practices–so you’re not stuck with a vanilla CRM that doesn’t have your preferred work flow.

Exact Same Interface

Unlike many competing apps that hack together separate products, every module within ConvergeHub CRM software has the exact same interface–dramatically reducing your learning time and maximizing your use of the application.

Picture3Built-In Business Automation

Designed to automate your typical day-to-day tasks and marketing automation processes so you can speed up regular task, automatically follow up and focus on growing your business. Plus, it is all built-in, without having to purchase expensive add-ons.

Automated processes

ConvergeHub CRM software allows you to automatically send a thank you email and schedule a follow-up call in 3 days (with one click). Or stop sending responses when the deal is closed–plus any other user-defined actions. Your “auto-assistant” ensures your customer never slips through the cracks.

Auto Assignment Rules

You can easily setup detailed rules based on how new Leads or Cases should be assigned or re-assigned if action is not taken within specific time frames. Helps you distribute your workload between internal team members and reseller partners.


Automated Alert and Notification Rules

Create intelligent rules for Alerts and Notification reminders. This ensures that your follow-up actions never get missed and leads and opportunities do not fall through the cracks.

Time-based Actions

You can setup ConvergeHub CRM to wait for a specified time period before taking the next automated action. This way you can create an elaborate automated follow-up schedule without manual intervention.

Sales Phases Goals and Activities

ConvergeHub CRM software lets you create your own customized Sales Process and then automatically calculate and check off Goals and Activities as they are achieved. This ensures a uniform sales process is followed by the sales team and lets you easily measure progress for each lead or deal.

ConvergeHub Small Business CRM

easyEasiest to Use CRM software with Benchmarks to prove it!

With so many features, it is critical that the interface be engineered to be simple and intuitive, which enables quick data entry and increases productivity.

ConvergeHub SMB CRM

Minimal mouse clicks

ConvergeHub CRM software was optimized to use the fewest mouse clicks for common tasks than any other major CRM! ConvergeHub CRM software averaged 1.55 mouse clicks, versus up to 3.63 clicks per task within other popular CRM This increases your speed dramatically–allowing you to get more done (like calling 100 instead of 75 contacts per day, etc.) without fighting a poorly designed or old legacy interface.


Quick Create

ConvergeHub CRM software has 13 Quick-Create options–more than any other major integrated CRM. This speeds up your data entry and lets you quickly get to what matters most–connecting with customers.


Mass Actions

Execute Updates, Send email, Add to Lists, Transfer and execute other actions on multiple rows at the same time–instead of making changes to one lead or contact at a time–another time saving feature that is built-in.


Context Sensitive Help and Live-In-App Support

In the event you do need help, all modules have contact-sensitive (not just generic) help. Plus, the software is integrated with the ConvergeHub support team. You can ask a question within the CRM and the ConvergeHub Customer Service team response will show up within the product itself–providing unequaled built-in support when and where you need it.

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